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Independent auditing services

These services comprise the fundamental professional activity of our Firm.

In our fifty-two years of experience in this field, we have had the opportunity to render external audit services to some of the most significant companies of our country, belonging to the public sector and private sector.

Public Sector:

•    PEMEX,
•    CFE,
•    Luz y Fuerza del Centro,
•    Sistema Banrural,
•    Banobras,
•    Sistema Diconsa,
•    Nacional Financiera,
•    Lotería Nacional,
•    ISSSTE,
•    ASERCA,
•    Financiera Rural,
•    DIF D.F.,
•    Bancomext,
•    Banco de Comercio Interior,
•    Comisión Nacional del Agua,

•    Fondo de Cultura Económica,
•    Cuenta Pública del Estado de San Luis Potosí,
•    Cuenta Pública del Gobierno del D.F.,
•    Sistema de Transporte Colectivo “Metro”,
•    Servicio de Transportes Eléctricos del D.F.,
•    Servicios de Salud Pública del Distrito Federal,
•    Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos,
•    Tribunal Superior de Justicia de la Ciudad de México,
•    Consejo de la Judicatura de la Ciudad de México,
•    Tribunal de lo Contenciosos Administrativo de la Ciudad de México,
•    IPAB (Instituto para la Protección al Ahorro Bancario),
•    Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal,
•    Cuenta Pública del Gobierno de la Ciudad de México,
•    Seguros de Crédito a la Vivienda SHF,
•    entre otros.

Private Sector:

•     Grupo Industrial Alfa,
•     Grupo Visa,
•     Banorte,
•     Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle, S.C.,
•     Grupo San Martín,
•     among others.

In addition to serving a considerable number of small and medium-sized companies and organizations of the public sector and private initiative.

We also have extensive experience in performing audits oriented toward improving productivity and operating efficiency of companies, by pinpointing specific situations that offer opportunities for improvement in these aspects.

The services that we offer in this area basically include:
•    Statutory tax audit report.
•    IMSS and INFONAVIT opinion.
•    Financial Code opinion.
•    Due Diligence Audit.
•    Certification of bidding process.
•    Auditing of Financial Statements.
•    Audit for both federal and local tax purposes.
•    Audit for purposes of public security institutions (IMSS, INFONAVIT).
•    Audit of Public Accounts of states and municipalities.
•    Auditing of budget Statements.
•    Auditing of public works and acquisitions, with an interdisciplinary or documentary approach.
•    Audit of government programs with respect to meeting financial goals and other processes related to the appropriation and control of resources.
•    Participation in all the stages of the governmental delivery-receipt processes in states and municipalities.
•    Preparation of project target books and specific government programs.