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Administrative services and financial consulting

The Administrative Services that we provide are fundamentally oriented to support individuals and medium and small-sized companies through the modality of outsourcing in administrative tasks, such as:

•     Opening of new establishments and registry with the corresponding authorities.
•     Accounting services, filing of tax returns, and payment of taxes.
•     Design and implementation of accounting records and financial information.
•     Preparation of tax returns.
•     Assistance in the preparation of payrolls and compliance with tax obligations.
•     Advisory services in the implementation of various provisions in the framework of the new General Law of Governmental Accounting.
•     Review, Analysis, and Reconciliation of Assets under Management held for Sale.

We also realize information technology engagements, basically in:

•     Design of comprehensive information systems; and
•     Evaluation of the functioning of operating systems, geared toward detecting areas of risk, by proposing and, if applicable, implementing the pertinent corrective measures.

Financial Consulting Services are geared basically toward planning, study, and evaluation of Financial Projects and determining, if applicable, the internal rate of return, probable sources of financing, and the return on investments, among other things.